Wk 1 – Classmate Conversation – Yesenia Rios

First day of the Spring semester!

About Yesenia

Yesenia is a second year at CSULB and her major is child development! She chose this major because she realized she liked working with kids and people in general. After she graduated [high school], she started working at an after-school program and there gained experience, which lead her to choose the major of child development. So, she thought why not do something she was already experienced in and just needed a further education for?! I thought that was pretty great and a good reason to have chosen her major since it was something she most likely is good at and she seemed to enjoy it since she was talking about it with smiles, and with already having experience, that’ll be better when she wants to internship or start looking for jobs in the future. As of right now, she is working as a teacher’s assistant at South Gate (?) which is a school for visual arts and performance. She works for the ELD program where Mexican students transfer over to go to school and she helps by translating and helping them stay on track of their school.

She is from the LA county and currently living in LA and I asked her why she chose to come to CSULB for school and she told me that her sister went to and graduated from CSULA, so she wanted something different. So then, she applied to CSULB to go down her own path and not on a path that seemed like she was following her sister (yay, do your thang, girl!).

Yesenia loves food (crowd favorite) and loves to experience different cultures by trying their foods. Her favorite food would be Asian food in general or more specifically Thai food (can’t go wrong with some Pad Thai, right?). I asked her about Japanese food since that’s my favorite food but also it is Asian and she said she’s not a big fan of raw fish but a big fan on the tempura and sushi rolls. She told me that it amazes her (and me, too) how she realizes that some people, including her boyfriend, haven’t tried sushi before or any other foods from different cultures and that encourages her to take them out to try them!Here’s a pic of us on the first day of class of the spring semester!

Thank you for reading! 



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