Wk 1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

For this week, I was able to experience plaster casting! I invited my boyfriend to come along and we drove to Venice Beach since I was home for the weekend and the closest beach was at Venice. We parked, walked, then sat down on top of a plastic poncho from long ago and soaked in the nice warmth washing over us, watching the calm waves come to shore. After about five minutes, I decided to do the activity and I was excited to see how it would turn out. I saw photos from the beacharts website and hoped my cast would look similar to others!

So first, I gathered all my materials that were stored in my bucket. I got some Plaster of Paris from Home Depot, a metal shovel from Daiso, a bucket from home, and two paint stir sticks from Home Depot. Here are some pictures!     dsc_0081DSC_0089.JPG   DSC_0091.JPG







My experience throughout making a plaster mold of my left hand was average and I was more confused since I didn’t really understand what “two parts plaster and one part water” meant exactly. And because of that, the first try I attempted sort of failed miserably. 😦 I did wait the full 30 minutes once I was done pouring the plaster into the mold, and when trying to dig the mold out it started to crumble a little and I realize it didn’t even take the shape of my hand at all near the bottom. But good thing was that I did make another mold after I made the first mold at the same time in case the first one didn’t work out. My boyfriend wanted to see if a different way of digging the hole for my hand to go in would make a difference. After the second attempt was done drying, we digged around it and it dried and took a “better” mold of my hand than the first one, but… the top of my hand and some of my wrist area broke off and the only thing that held together was the bottom of my hand where my fingertips were supposed to be, but it just looked more like a round ball with an open top… (LOL). Take a look at some pictures!
DSC_0172.JPG    DSC_0171.JPG

Overall, I was excited about this activity and I wish I succeeded better to see how cool this would’ve been but I’m glad I still tried and if it wasn’t getting that late/dark, I would’ve tried another time but I was also short on time.

What would I have done better?

I would’ve gotten more clarifications on the “two parts plaster and one part water” since that was probably the main thing that got me confused and because I didn’t know I probably didn’t have enough plaster and too much water? Also, another thing I realized at the end when I was dumping out the rest of the plaster that there was some left over wet sand at the bottom and maybe that had an affect on the plaster. I should also have planned better on when to go to the beach to take more time on this activity.

Have I done something like this before?

I have not done something like this before and it was a very new experience for me so that’s why I was excited to do this and from seeing cool photos and videos from the beacharts website! I like how this was a good way to hang out at the beach too and have a fun day as we’re doing an activity for a class.

Adapting to an activity in my life?

I can apply this to something I do everyday: learning/studying. My cranium is the mold that gets filled with knowledge and information and when learning about new things it’s still fresh in my head and to prevent it from entering through one ear and leaving the other, I’d have to go back and study the information a couple hours after to make sure it stays in my long term memory! From there, my cranium is now a knowledge-filled mold!

Here are some extra pictures of me hard at work from my little activity “photo shoot.” 🙂

DSC_0083.JPG  DSC_0100.JPG  DSC_0107.JPG

Thanks for reading! 







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