Wk 2 – Classmate Conversation – Anthony Doo

About Anthony

Anthony is currently a second year and majoring in Film! He said he’s not too sure what to do with film at the moment or as a career but, he does know that it’s one of the few things that he knows how to do and it’s something that interests him. Overall, he doesn’t have that many majors that interest him as much so he feels that he’s limited to choices to major in, which is why he ended up choosing Film. Anthony actually took off fall semester from his second year since he wasn’t doing too well during his freshman year. He wanted to take that time to really prepare himself before he comes back and he felt like he wasn’t ready to go back to university just yet, which prompted him to take this break. But during his break, he didn’t just have fun or do absolutely nothing to prepare himself, he took classes at a community college nearby him to try to boost up his GPA. Now, he’s back to CSULB and he’s better than ever! Anthony is from Los Angeles  and the Los Angeles County but currently lives in Cypress which is located in Orange County. He commutes to school everyday.


Anthony loves to hang out with friends and he feels like he can really be himself with them and have the most fun possible. He loves Japanese curry which I thought was pretty cool since I’ve recently tried it as well and it does seem like a dish I’d fall in love with too! Another thing Anthony loves is to travel and this past year in December 2016, he got to travel to Seoul, Korea!! He is Korean himself and I believe it was his first time going so he got to explore his roots! He went with his friends to branch out and explore and I thought that was super awesome since I would like to travel with friends in the future. He said the drinking age in Korea is 20 years old, so he and his friends were allowed to drink but it wasn’t just the drinking that he thought was cool, it was that he got to be treated as an adult there whereas usually getting treated and more respected in this country is around the age of 21. And for him being a year younger than I am (I am a 3rd year), it was really nice to see him think like that and it must feel nice for him to feel like an adult in a different country. He said the transportation is usually by taxi or bus and it was really easy and not difficult at all since it’s daily transportation there in Korea. I asked how the prices were for food and clothing and he said for food it’s really cheap but good, of course, and for clothes it was really expensive for big American brands that were sold there (Supreme, Nike, etc.). He definitely would like to go back in the summer but also travel a lot more to different countries such as Hong Kong and Thailand! Also, Hawaii with his family! 🙂

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Anthony Doo and Tiffanie Ta ~ 1p



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