Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Misty Ruiz

First off, I love her name!!! Misty is such a unique and different name and I thought it fit her sweet personality! I even mentioned Pokemon, a childhood show for most 90’s babies, and she knew exactly what that was and told me how she has gotten many comments before regarding that show (LOL)! As a first impression, I thought she was super cute and sweet. She actually approached me first as I was sitting down at a table in the middle of the Art Galleries. We started to introduce ourselves and asked about each other’s days!

Something that stood out to me during our conversations was that we talked about our middle names and the meaning behind them, along with a little of our own cultures. Misty told me that her middle name is Kelly and it was out of the blue for her ethnicity since she is Hispanic and I thought it wasn’t weird or strange but how that was just simply cool to have a name that is more Americanized and I said maybe her parents wanted to be a little more American with names and she said maybe as well! She asked me what my middle name was and after asked me if there was any meaning behind it, and immediately I was super surprised and really happy that she even asked me. Usually when people ask me what my middle name is, they never care what the meaning is or even think about asking… They go straight to just thinking it’s either cute or funny since it sounds like “boo” when saying it with an American accent. So I told her how I appreciated her asking me the meaning.

We also talked about traveling! Because who doesn’t love traveling?! She has been to France and England! Two countries I’ve yet to go to but definitely looking forward to! She’s been wanting to go back with her sister who is barely turning 18 and they would plan to travel through a program that helps pay for the cost. Misty has never been around the U.S.! But she has been to Mexico plenty of times and she loves it there! I don’t blame her, I’ve been only once for a cruise and I loved it too! She would love to travel to Spain and we both agreed that there’s just something about Spain that makes it so intriguing to go. Misty would also love to travel to Thailand, which I heard was super beautiful too.

Loved talking to Misty and how engaged we were in our conversation! 🙂

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Misty Ruiz and Tiffanie Ta – 1p





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