Wk 4 – Art Activity – Art Care Package

Hello, my beautiful reader!

This weekend I had a great time figuring out what I wanted to put in my ACP for a now good friend and also my classmate, Anthony! I wrote a blog post about him for Wk 3’s classmate conversation and got to know a little about him and his hobbies/interests. The item I put in to represent a little about myself is an IKEA receipt Saturday morning and I purchased a candle since I’m really getting into them and loving the aroma that fills the room. For the items that I thought of for Anthony were pictures of Korean alcohol which is some soju or rice wine. I put these because I remember when Anthony traveled to South Korea, he mentioned the drinking age is 18 years old and up so he was allowed to drink and he likes it as a social thing but he knows his limits. Lastly, for the item that represents our culture as of recently, I decided to put two things in. First, there is a headliner from our Daily 49er talking about the LB transit and how they’re going to replace the TAP card and just have a sticker on students’ ID cards. The second headline has two attachments that talks about Trump wanting people to hate the media and he was giving a speech at a Florida rally and McCain really disliked that and called that a doing of a dictator. The second attachment to that is the video that was in the article. I have sent the package to his home address which is located in Cypress, CA.


ACP for Anthony Doo ~ 1p

I believe sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a snapchat because these memories are ephemera memories so they’re like “short term” memories that happened for a little bit then we move on to the next thing which will turn into a new memory. So with everything I’ve added in my package, it’s something that happened which made it a memory but then also, it’s not something permanent or the only thing that has happened. So it’s like a snapchat because a snapchat is a short memory that has happened then more can be sent to someone and they can live through your life with all these small memories.
It is different from sending someone a snapchat because you can actually keep these memories in the package since they’re physical things. Mine were all pictures/paper so up to Anthony, he can keep them if he’d like, whereas for snapchat, he can’t keep a picture or a video I send him automatically. He can keep it if he decides to screenshot the picture or a part of the video. And that’s different since it’s not something already physically given, rather more tech-related and it’ll be kept in his phone and for it to be more physical, he’d have to print them himself.
I think ephemera is a pretty interesting and deep, meaningful thing. I don’t think it’s trash and that it can be precious regardless of what it is since everything that is considered to be a ephemera most likely had some thought put it in and there could be a whole story behind it. It does gain value over time and this is all dependent on the person that you’re giving these ephemeras to. It’s up to them,  I think, if they believe in keeping in it since it’s really meaningful or if they happen to think it’s trash then they’d toss is after a few days or at the end of the day. A parking ticket could be seem really insignificant if you think about it on the surface. But if you think about the why or the how, it’s so much more significant – the story. The story gives it a meaning and a purpose. If i gave my grandkids a bead bracelet from the days I went to Coachella (which is soon hopefully, wee!), then I think they’ll think it’ll be super cool and it’s something that they might be growing up around since it’s so big now in my generation nowadays but I feel like they’ll think it might be cool that their big ol’ grandma went to a Coachella… Or maybe they’ll even think it’s weird (LOL).
Yes, I think there is a difference between art that is seen publicly and art that is sent directly to someone. There is definitely more of a private and sentimental feeling when sending someone specifically a ACP and the fact that it is still deemed as art is pretty awesome. One of the items that you include is about the person you’re giving it to and another thing is about yourself, so it’s more personal since it’s a connection between the sender and the receiver.
The time and effort difference does mean something and it’s something really significant. Fast can be better because you don’t need to wait, obviously and it’s instant where you are expecting something but you still enjoy it because you’re still not expecting exactly what it is. Slow can be better as well because the build up of when the package or letter is unexpected and it makes it a lot more exciting when receiving things via mail. Nowadays, you can track packages with a tracking number but even then, it’s still not instant so the waiting game is still in play.
I think a meal can be made with love even if it’s from a fast food restaurant. They’re still serving the customer’s hunger with their food so maybe there is still love in the food when being made. Other times there isn’t any love being put in and it’s just done so it can be served and that’s it since it’s fast going. I think an ACP and a snapchat can both have the same type of love before it’s being sent out. With both, it takes some time to choose what we want. For an ACP, it’s choosing what to put in there that represents you, the person receiving, and the cultural aspect; and for the snapchat, it’s if you want a filter on your face, maybe a geotag or the weather posted, or you just can’t seem to like every selfie you take so you take it again and again until it’s perfect. I feel like an ACP could have more of that love inside because it’s more personal. You’re sending it to one person only. While for a snapchat, you can choose to send it to not just one or two, but 10 or your whole friends list.



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