Wk 5 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

This week I got to experience Automatic Drawing with my boyfriend, Kevin!

Boyfriend recovering from getting surgery for ACL, can’t cross legs (sorry it’s blurry)
Apple scented candle from IKEA smell really good 
Tiff and Kevin’s automatic drawing – 1p


I thought this activity was fun and a little goofy at times but I was also surprised on how with a little patience, the crayon moved on “its own” and created a drawing! At first, it took a while before the crayon moved and of course, we were laughing and just waiting in silence with a candle lit which filled the room with an apple scent. I think we waited what felt like about 20 minutes until the crayon started to move! I think the experience was more about patience and being connected to whoever you’re drawing with. It’s just as if time has stopped to be with our partner while our imaginations take over and fill the paper with scribbles that are actually art. It’s still sort of “weird” or different, I guess, when you think that it wasn’t really you who drew it but just the crayon itself. Our hands were just a base so it wouldn’t fall over and so it can stand up straight. So then, the crayon has its own imagination and it just guided our hands to show us “hey, look what I can do!” Overall it was a fun experience and a lot of patience involved, including “believing in the crayon” to do all of this.


We started off with a color I chose that was random within the pack and it was the royal blue. We started off in the center and it actually started to move more back and forth with little movements which turned into much bigger circle-like motions towards the end. If you notice, there’s a bit of blue at the bottom of the page and a little at the top left and it’s not connected to anything as if the crayon picked itself up to stop and then just continued with small lines then stopped and hopped back up, then continued. The crayon actually broke a little at first since I was leaning towards where it was “guiding” me and the tip broke due to too much pressure from my leaning :(. And we tried to continue but the crayon got smaller from breaking just a little more, so we switched colors to a gold-yellow. My boyfriend randomly chose this color this time. We started at the bottom of the page where there’s that darker yellow circle and it happened a little quicker this time but still took about ~20 minutes until the crayon started to move again. Sometimes we had to readjust our grip on the crayon so with the empty spaces between the yellow, which there were less than the blue, were just “breaks” where we can help the crayon stand up properly.

There were 1-2 issues that got in the way to fully experience this art activity as directed. My boyfriend just got surgery around December 2016 and is recovering from getting his ACL replaced so bending his knee in a cross formation was harder for him. He had to stick out his right knee since he can’t bend that one but bended his left knee. I still wanted to sit on the floor and we got the most privacy at my dorm since my roommate wasn’t there at the time. But we couldn’t place the paper over our legs since I didn’t have any board underneath to support the paper and due to my boyfriend not being able to bend his knees to create a platform. The camera had weird angles to really capture us so hopefully that wasn’t too big of an issue. Also, the dorm room was pretty small and the floor space wasn’t too roomy.



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