Wk 6 – Art Experience – Zine book

Hi, hello, hey! I’d like to start this blog off with: THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN! There was so much creativity and freedom, it was almost weird — from all the freedom, I kept asking if we need a certain length for the book or if we need to do it specifically on one subject. But after looking at a few examples in the classroom, I got inspired from the “Many Ways of a Potato” zine and I decided to do something I love and many things that are connected with it.

I LOVE Corgis! Corgis are such a fun and bread loaf-like dog, they’re so cute and playful, and not to mention REALLY SHORT! Their legs are little pegs that surprisingly keep up a fur-filled body. Some can be really fat, hehe.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – bicolorĀ 
Pembroke Welsh Corgi – tricolor

My zine is dedicated to Corgis and a few things they would play with or “imaginatively ” play with! And just them being cute in general.


I really loved this art experience! It was so much fun creating all these pictures and I honestly like to draw here and there. It’s a good stress reliever or something just to do other than school work all the time. This art experience reminded me why I chose this class in the first place for this semester — wasn’t just because it was to fulfill a category requirement or that it was easy, but I’ve heard from other students that this specific art was really fun and that they’d take it again just for the heck of it. I knew I’d have a hectic schedule and that I’ll most likely have a lot of work so I wanted to take at most one class that I can just “relax” in and by relax, I mean still doing the work required but not stressing out about it and enjoying the work.

Something I’d like to do next time for a zine is maybe my favorite food or do a whole meal! A whole meal meaning on each page I’d draw one item part of the meal and on the lage page it’ll be the whole meal! On one page there would be one item to start off with then the next page would be two items, and then the third page there would be three items, and so on until I can’t eat anymore!

Thank you for reading!



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