Wk 6 – Short Story – Shiba Has Had Enough

Untitled – Rita Leon 

Artist: Rita Leon
Media: watercolor (?)
30″ x 20″ (?)
CSULB School of Art, Weby Gallery

Hiba (hEE-ba) the Shiba (shEE-ba) is a very sweet and loyal dog. He likes to play fetch, run around in dog parks, and splash around in the salty ocean at dog beaches. He loves to learn new tricks but don’t be fooled, he is a tough learner. He probably just really loves getting the treats but doesn’t realize his owners are actually mildly yelling at him to roll over or shake their hand. Hiba is such a happy dog that he constantly smiles with his wet tongue out and loves to protect his owners, especially the one that is just a month old. He is probably the perfect dog you could imagine, one who waits for their owners to come home or even run to them when they call out for help. He also somehow knows how to make the one month old baby laugh constantly. He loves to nap with the little baby too, specifically on the baby’s lap, on his tiny legs without putting too much pressure.

The owners planned a nice trip to the Bahamas for 4 days to treat themselves out. They wanted this trip to be baby-free and dog-free so they hired a babysitter, who happens to be their neighbor so they’re also familiar with their precious Hiba. Just a day has passed since the owners have been gone and everything was going just fine. But one morning, the babysitter woke up so groggy and tired that when she went to go pour Hiba some water and food, she gave him the wrong food and dirty water! The owners specifically told her to give him the food from the bag that was farther in the back, behind the recent bag that was currently in use. They said to do this because the recent bag has just gone bad but they forgot to remove it before they left for the Bahamas. Of course, the babysitter said “Yes, will do!” but now has forgotten. As for the water, Hiba’s digestive system was just a tad bit messed up. When he was born, he couldn’t handle any type of water that was given to him and had to only drink bottled water. So ever since then, he would drink the same water as humans do to keep his digestive system happy. However, the babysitter gave him sink water, which is tap water! As a puppy, Hiba’s digestive system despises tap water and makes him have very bad bathroom breaks. It also makes Hiba not eat very well and makes him always really tired for a few days to a week. To recover, he would have to go to the doctors to get a specific shot that will make him go to the bathroom to have all the bacteria exist out of his system, but this shot has to be given to him within 24 hours.

Hiba ate the food and drank the water.

After just a few hours, Hiba started feeling the regular symptoms he would normally feel. He became very sluggish and didn’t eat anymore. The little baby realized this and started to get really sad that Hiba didn’t play with him, he even cried here and there. The babysitter, however, didn’t think any of it with the behaviors of Hiba or the baby boy. She just thought they were having a “bad day” just as she was.

It’s the last day of the owner’s vacation so that means it’s been over 24 hours and Hiba has been awfully aggressive. He’s been randomly attacking the babysitter and chewing on furniture, which he never does. He even barked at the baby boy here and there which cause the baby to cry for long periods of time. The babysitter had no idea what to do and tried to get a hold of the owners but her cell phone and the home phone were chewed up.

Hiba charged out of the house, knocking the door down with his head and into the streets.

He started attacking people and eating at their clothes, chewing on them until they fell and was dragging them by their shirt or pants along the street. More hours pass by and he only gets more vicious. Suddenly, Hiba stops and starts to whine, his head down and his eyes closed shut. Something’s happening. His body starts to shake and grow, he lays down to ease the pain in his head and body.

Hiba opens his eyes and looks down at his body to see he is 10 times bigger than everything and everyone around him. He’s massive.

Hiba then realizes something coming out of his eyes that is destroying the buildings and everything he looks at. Lasers.

Suddenly a dog is just taking over the town and killing everything in sight! News anchor hurry to the scene to try to film and report the attack to everyone while trying not to get killed. The military helicopters come out and try to take down Hiba but it’s just not working. He’s too big!

Hiba has only one thought on his mind as his lasers beam out: must destroy, wow.

The end.

Thank you for reading!