Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Katy (Katherine) Hurley

I had the pleasure of talking to Katy this week! She is a 2nd year and is majoring in Film and Environmental Science (ES). She was originally only majoring in Environmental Science but decided to also major in Film since she thinks it’s fun and interesting! She’s majoring in ES because she loves the outdoors and thinks it’s very conventional. I asked if she likes to do anything natural related and she said she likes to rock climb and hike, which is something I am looking forward to do in the future! Katy lives on campus at the dorms in Hillside and thought that was awesome since I also live in the dorms on campus but in Parkside. Katy has lived in California for 5 years now but lived in the East Coast (Marilyn and Delaware) for 12 years before. I was surprised that she lives in Orange County which is the area I grew up in as well! She lived in Huntington Beach and so did I! But we went to different high schools but she said she’s heard of mine (FVHS).

We talked about music and after hearing that I like electronic dance music (EDM) she said she wasn’t a huge fan but she recently started listening to Odesza when she was just trying to find new music and I was big-eyed immediately since I knew them and thought they were great as well! She said she likes almost all of their songs. We then were talking about different hobbies we like and after mentioning that I like going to raves and music festivals, she mentioned she hasn’t been to one but is very interested to go to one soon! One hobby we had in common was trying new foods!!! She even said “the weirder, the better” and that was an instant YES. It’s definitely out of our comfort zones but we agreed that that’s what’s so fun about trying new things! She’s never tried poke but has had sushi so she asked for recommendations and I said North Shore Poke Co. in Cerritos since it is currently my favorite poke place closest to Long Beach! She’s heard of it but never tried it and is excited to try it out!

Tiffanie and Katy – 1p



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