Wk 8 – Art Experience – Finger painting

This week I got to experience finger painting!!! Oooh!!! It was pretty fun for the most part and there was a lot of freedom given to us for this art experience like one or two we’ve done before. I liked finger painting but I just didn’t like how the paint wasn’t going onto the paper smoothly and I had to continuously put my finger back into the paint, but I didn’t see any other way to really do it. Also, my finger had a hanger nail and I just peeled it off so it stung when the paint went over it (ouch), but that’s my personal issue so nothing to do with the art experience itself.

It wasn’t easier or harder than I expected, it was exactly how I imagined, other than the painting not going on smoothly. So it was more annoying than hard. Painting with no subject was somewhat soothing since we didn’t have to follow a certain criteria so it was all based on how we feel and what our mind tells us what to do. For my work, I think it resembles a koi fish pond because of the fatter to thin strokes that are everywhere. The fat to thin strokes represents the body of a koi fish and the more they eat, the bigger they get but more towards the top/middle section then they have a skinnier tail. A lot of the finger strokes were squiggly too since I felt like doing that. There are more blue strokes as a result and it can resemble the water and the purple and pink strokes could be the koi fishes.

Because this was a “paint with no subject” experience, I like how we can basically title and story this ourselves and it was interesting how I even saw my painting slowly become a koi fish pond after just analyzing it!

Thank you! Here are some pictures!

Tiffanie Ta – 1p
Tiffanie Ta – 1p
Tiffanie Ta – 1p
Colorful Koi Fish Pond – Tiffanie Ta 1p

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