Wk 8 – Classmate(s) Conversation – Karen Luau & Esmeralda Mendez

This week I had the pleasure of talking to not just one classmate, but TWO!

The first classmate I talked to was Karen Luau! She is a freshman and is majoring in business. She is currently Pre-Business and is going to declare by the end of next semester, Fall 2017. Some of her favorite hobbies include binge watching on Netflix when she’s not busy studying and trying to gym as often as she can. What I found interesting was that even though she is a first year, she is already renting an apartment with 4 other roommates! Usually freshmen either commute from home or dorm on or off campus. So with Karen, that makes it 5 total girls in one apartment so her rent must be super good and she verified that is it indeed! Three of the girls knew each other already then Karen moved in with them since they were finding a fourth roommate, and now just two weeks ago, another girl has moved in making it a total of 5 girls. Karen is from Pasadena which is around 30 minutes from where I live! She went to Rosemead High School which is where a few of my recent friends went to. She chose CSULB mainly because of how much financial aid she received but overall she loves the campus!

The second classmate I talked to was Esmeralda Mendez! First off, I really love the name! It seems really unique and sounds really soothing to me. She is currently a senior and is going to graduate this semester! Congrats!!! She is going to graduate with a major in Sociology with a minor in Child Development. At first, she thought she wanted to be a preschool teacher but decided not to continue with that and wanted to be a high school counselor instead which is awesome. She currently lives in Hawthorne and that’s about 20 minutes away so she commutes to CSULB. Some of her hobbies include working out  and Netflix, very similar to Karen! Esmeralda is currently working at LA Fitness and that’s perfect since she has a huge interest in working out.

Thank you!

L to R: Esmeralda M., Karen Luau, and Tiffanie Ta – 1p

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