Wk 9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

For this week’s art experience, I got to do graffiti for the very first time! At first, when I read about the art experience description on the syllabus, I was actually nervous about using spray paint because I wasn’t sure if I was able to achieve the bubble letters effect. But I was still excited to try it out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it out to Venice beach to the graffiti wall there, but I ended up doing it at a parking lot against a fence and on a piece of cardboard. I wasn’t sure if I even bought the right type of spray paint but as a college student, saving up money is the big issue so I bought these smaller cans for about $3.95 or so each. The brand was Krylon I believe and it was the same brand as some of the cans used in the documentary we had to watch for the art talk of the week!

For the actual experience, I enjoyed it but I wish it looked nicer. I did do an outline at first and just filled in the letters with my fill in color, then outlined my name with a darker color. I followed the directions in one of the videos that was posted on the syllabus. I think because I was a bit nervous, it ruined my confidence to really execute the project better. If i had a bigger space to paint and more time to think about how to execute my name, I think I would’ve done better. Also, the paint was dripping down into the fill in and it made it look like my name was bleeding (LOL). My boyfriend was there to take pictures for me and observe, so afterwards, we played a little game of picture charades. We just drew different pictures with the paint until it was used up and we would guess each other’s drawings. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the picture charades since our fingers were covered in paint afterwards and our phones weren’t on us anymore. Overall, it was a fun experience and I would try to be more relaxed next time if I ever do it again!

Here are some photos! Thank you!

Filling in outline – Tiffanie Ta 1p
Outlining – Tiffanie Ta 1p
Outlining the “i” at the end! – Tiffanie Ta 1p
Completing my name with the circle in the middle of the “a” – Tiffanie Ta 1p 




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