Wk 10 – Art Experience – The USU Wedge

This week’s art experience was to recreate one of the two wedges that are present on our school campus. I chose the USU Wedge because I personally had experiences with it for the first 2 years of college when I took the way from Brotman Hall to the escalators to get to upper campus. I have never had experiences with the FA4 Wedge since I’ve never really been to the back of the campus where the art buildings were until this class.

For my recreation, I decided to keep the wedge and make it a lot more simplistic, but also easy to get in and out through. I’ve realized that many other students could’ve done this as well and that’s expanding the wedge. I really wanted to just make the wedge bigger so that it’s not just one path where one person would have to wait for another to pass through. Instead, I wanted there to be two paths, one going the opposite way from the other like cars on a two-way street. I decided that if I could reconstruct the entire architecture of the USU wedge, I’d just want to move the black statue-like architecture that’s one “side” of the wedge more to the left (as if looking at the front of it where there is a poster posted and looking towards Brotman Hall/fountain. There is also a concrete bench that’s in front of this black statue-like architecture. I moved this bench to the left as well, aligning it with the end of the black statue. In the original wedge, the bench is more to the right and it creates a smaller walking space. The bench literally makes the  walkway so much narrower. With the bench aligning with the black statue, it will create a wider area for not only just a walkway, but perhaps two walkways.

Only fits one person at a time
Before (or now present day; left) to After (future; right) 


With this pathway bigger, no one has to wait for another person, or even a few people, to walk through first in order for the person to walk through as well. There can be “two way traffic.”

I definitely wanted to keep the USU wedge because it’s neat and it’s like an accidental beauty. Something that was most likely not made for any purpose is now utilized for a purpose. Even with this narrow pathway, people still use it, regardless of having to wait for others to pass through first.

In a year, I believe students will think it’s a lot easier and more accessible. I can see students thinking that it’s even more convenient to take the wedge to class because there’s no constant wait for others to pass through. There’s a way from and to Brotman Hall or vice versa about the USU! Even though taking turns is a nice gesture and sharing is caring is always a known “rule,” I can see students seeing this being a lot faster, and instead of seeing the wait for people to pass through and deciding to go all the way around the black statue, they will just go through the wedge with no hesitation.

Thank you!



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