Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Zavion + Anthony D.

This week I got to talk to two students once again! But this time, one of them, Anthony Doo, is my friend and I’ve done a classmate conversation with him before.

Now I am introducing Zavion, who is a second year at CSULB! One of the coolest parts of meeting a sophomore is hearing what they’re doing! I say this because I know from personal experience that being a second year is the year that students begin to think about what they really want to do for the rest of their lives. Some students don’t figure it out right away and that’s okay because there is just so many options, but most importantly, always find something you love to do! Zavion is still Undeclared but is looking into Child Development or Human Development! He wants to become a teacher and I can see how it could work out for him. He seems like a person that others can look up to and on top of that, super friendly and can make others laugh! He mentioned that his family was originally supposed to move to Long Beach but ended up staying in Riverside and therefore, he has to commute from Riverside to Long Beach everyday. Yikes! Zavion is mostly taking online courses this semester and the only time he gets to interact with new faces is when he comes onto campus for this class. One of his favorite hobbies is dancing. This explains the types of music he enjoys which are: hip-hop and RnB. His favorite artists range from Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, and Rihanna. His love for dancing lead him to dancing professionally for a year which is awesome!

Thank you for reading! Here’s a picture of the trio this week!

L to R: Zavion, Tiffanie, Anthony – 1p

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