Wk 12 – Art Experience – Ethnography

This week’s art project contains NO ELECTRICITY… SAY WHAAAT?!

This weekend, like every weekend, I was with my boyfriend and I stayed with him at his mom’s house. Because I stayed with him, he also participated with me in the project of no electricity. We decided to do this on a Saturday night. I took a picture right outside of his house right before sunset which was around 7:30pm and also a picture on his bed since we were mainly staying in his room for the night. (Check out photos down below!)

Once the sun went down, we heated up some leftover pizza from Costco, mmm! We heated it up downstairs in the kitchen with all the lights off and it was honestly scary and we had to reach out to feel the walls before taking each step. The scary part was when I was deep in the kitchen, there weren’t any walls to really help guide me and the counter had too much stuff on it (always does), so I didn’t want to knock anything down. Once I reached the microwave, I almost heated up our pizza for like 10 minutes because I kept messing up when I was clicking the numbers, but eventually I got it! We brought the pizza upstairs to his room and the stairs weren’t too hard, but the last step before we reached leveled ground always gives me anxiety since if I don’t make sure then I’ll trip. We lit up two candles that he had in his room and had a “candlelit dinner” (haha). We couldn’t listen to any music or watch any Netflix so we just talked and scarfed down our pizzas since we just finished a 4 hour nap. We had pretty casual conversations and it’s never awkward even if we don’t have anything to say and eventually something always comes up to make a conversation.

As it was getting later (we had to check the time on his watch by holding it near a candle to shine light on it), we were getting tired and had to take showers. Taking a showering in the dark wasn’t a huge deal for me since I’ve actually had to do before due to power outages at my mom’s house. We took the candles into the bathroom and showered. My boyfriend went first and he takes less than 10 minutes. Then I went and I take about 15 minutes. I’ve showered before just for fun too with the lights off and instead with some candles! It’s really soothing and relaxing and helps the mind relax and be calm. We then brushed our teeth. After, we laid in bed all nice and clean and we did make out and had some fun as you might imagine what couples do. We then went to sleep pretty early since we were pretty tired and earlier that day we actually went on a nice hike for about 2 hours up in Pasadena at Eaton Canyon. So, we woke up early around 7am and we were exhausted, even with a 4 hour nap! We usually have the TV on because that’s what helps us, or mainly my boyfriend, fall asleep and it remains on until the morning. It was weird not having some light shining at us because wasn’t anything super different.


I didn’t think that no electricity was going to be hard and it wasn’t at all. I thought maybe it was going to be a little boring because we wouldn’t have Internet to watch movies or listen to music and I was correct about that. It was just a little dry of a night since we couldn’t watch anything like how we usually do, but the fact that I had the company of my boyfriend with me made everything better. It made us have more of an intimate surroundings and I was okay with that. I think no electricity can be frustrating when we actually had to do things and had to see to get them done. Other than that, I think no electricity is very liberating and can even set a romantic vibe, but of course when you’re more just relaxing than needing to get things done. I think with no electricity it can be more harmonious with nature because we rely on the sun to give us light. It can also allow us to appreciate nature more and its beauty.

Thank you!

Tiffanie Ta -1pm
Tiffanie Ta -1pm


Tiffanie Ta – 1pm
Where we placed the candles in his room! 

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