Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Alex Gonzalez

This week I had the pleasure of talking to someone who actually isn’t in my class section and is from the next class section, 2:30pm – 3:45pm. He wanted to end his day early so he decided to come to the earlier section.

Alex Gonzalez is a freshman and 18 years old at CSULB majoring in Pre-Film. Originally he was majoring in creative writing but decided to that on the side and wanted to study film because it’s more physical and wanted to direct movies in the future. We joked here and there that if he ever does get to direct a movie, then I’ll get to say that I talked to the director in a classmate conversation in our college art class (haha)! His nationality is Mexican and Salvadorian, which is pretty cool and he’s the third person I’ve met that had the mix of those two nationalities. He is from Los Angeles and is currently commuting, which he mentioned was horrible. He has 8am classes but only comes to school for 3 days, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Before, he used to get dropped off at school but now he drives himself since he got a car a week ago.

Alex’s favorite food is steak, like a steak platter with some side dishes like mashed potatoes. Some of his hobbies include sports like baseball and he tries to draw for fun. His favorite colors are purple and green. I saw that he has a leather bracelet with a date on it and I asked if he had a significant other and he said yes! I have a similar leather bracelet as well and my boyfriend came to class with me that week. His favorite type of music is hip hop and anything besides country.

It was great talking to someone who wasn’t in my class section since it was different and a nice change!

Thank you! Here’s a picture!

Alex Gonzalez and Tiffanie Ta – 1pm

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