Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez

Exhibition Information 

Artist: Laura Lopez
Exhibition: Selvatica (Wild)
Media: MFA, drawing and painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery
Instagram: @artelauralopez or @artlauralopez (?)
Website: n/a

About the Artist

This week I got to talk to Laura Lopez who is from Columbia! She came to study her Masters in painting. Her major is Fine Arts, specifically in MFA. I believe she is an International student but I’m not sure if she really understood what that meant. She loves color and nature/the wild which inspired her artwork. Laura did mention her English wasn’t too well and didn’t understand some of the question my friend and I were asking her. Her Instagram was made the day I met and talked to her as well! She’s not sure how long it took her in total for her exhibition, but she said it took about 3 weeks for each painting.

Formal Analysis 

When looking through Laura’s exhibit, I automatically saw the vibrant colors and the unique structure and image through her paintings. I really enjoyed looking at them since it was very pleasing to the eye. It gave me the feeling of relaxation and the bright colors didn’t scare me or feel out of place, but it helped me relax. Her strokes seemed like they were very peaceful and natural; it didn’t seem like she was measuring anything out or had anything strictly symmetrical. Each art work had very nice colors that go well together and compliment each other.

Content Analysis 

Each painting had amazing images of nature or of a jungle type place. There were always some trees incorporated. One painting that I liked in particular had a tiger I believe that was standing on all four legs and its head was turned towards the audience, as if it’s staring right at you. Half of the body was different colors but this one was of the biggest painting in the gallery and it looked so mesmerizing. The detailing in all her paintings was magnificent.

Experience/ Synthesis 

Overall, I really like Laura’s work and I can definitely see that she has put a lot of time into her exhibition and she gives out a message that nature is everything and it’s so beautiful. However, the talk I had with her seemed a little intimidating and she didn’t seem to really understand a few questions that were asked to her. I feel like she might’ve taken offense to one question that was just simply “Why do you like nature?” But I believe she just wanted to let us know that nature gives us life and takes out the bad in our body and let’s us live. I understand that nature is raw and its beauty can’t be replaced with anything else.

Thank you! Here are some photos!



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