Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Japanese Garden

This week I got to experience sketching in the Japanese Garden that is on CSULB campus. I live in the Parkside dorms right next door to the gardens, so I was excited to have a short walk over and to sketch in somewhere that is filled with peaceful vibes and beautiful scenes.

One page out of the two drawn 

This is one of the two pages I had for the day. I decided to share and blog about this page because when I first started, I felt a lot more into it and even with the time limits on each drawing, I still enjoyed it a lot more than the latter half of what we were asked to draw.

For the ten 30 second drawings, I drew everything that I first laid my eye upon after each drawing. I wanted to draw more of single items like only a tree or some lily pads. For the first drawing, it was the pond only with some details of the plants sticking out in the water and some lily pads. The second, fourth, eighth, and ninth drawings were all of different types of trees I saw. All of their leaves/branches were different and one of them I drew had some flowers. The third drawing looks like a mushroom but it was one of the smaller night lights that are closer to your feet so it allows light to guide you through the garden. I thought that one was super cute, with some of those spiky bushes around it. I thought drawing seven looked funny but it was just the rocks that were on the side of the pond near the back.

For the 5 minute drawing, I drew the whole pond without the fishes and with the rocks near the back. I realized that it looks like I put some of my 30 second drawings together to form the 5 minute drawing. That wasn’t my intention but I did draw a lot of the similar things only because I found myself liking to draw them more often.

Lastly on the page, there is my left hand. I drew my hand pretty small but I tried to draw my fingers really slim and long since to me, they are. I honestly thought my hand drawing turned out to be a lot nicer than I expected. The technique that our Professor was telling us to try out to draw out our hand is how I normally draw any drawings. I never look at the paper unless I’m making sure everything is put together but I usually draw by looking at the piece itself and just trusting myself to “know” how to tell the pencil what to draw.

Overall, I really enjoyed this week’s art experience because it’s really nice to just sit and reflect on yourself, if it’s either through drawing or just thinking and absorbing the sun, or shade. Not only was it super close to my dorm, it was enjoyable and relaxing. I really like how this meeting place and art experience for this week didn’t feel like I was taking an art class. It felt like I went in the garden, met up with some friends, and just sat to draw and observe, and at the end I happen to turn in my ID card to my Professor.

Thank you for reading!


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