Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Brandon Hoang

This week I got to talk to Brandon Hoang! Brandon is a first year and is majoring in computer science. He chose computer science because of the high demand jobs in the future and he likes computers in general. He does like to play computer games like Counter Strike and Hearthstone, and he used to play League of Legends. It’s funny because I asked him what kind of games he plays and he first told me Counter Strike and he wouldn’t say anything else, but I brought up other games like the latter two and I only knew of them because of friends before, but mainly because my boyfriend now plays and I usually just sit and watch him. So, other than playing games, Brandon’s other hobbies include hanging out with friends and going to the gym. I asked if he went to the Rec center here at school and he said no since he has a 24 hour fitness pass.

He likes all food and isn’t allergic to anything, which is the best! Brandon came to CSULB because he unfortunately did not get accepted to any other school, but I’m in the same boat. Regardless of the situation that happened, he still likes CSULB, as I do too! He is from Orange County area, specifically Westminster. I knew the area right away since I am from the OC area as well and went to high school there. Immediately, I asked him if he went to Westminster High and he said yes. Due to being so close to Long Beach, he does commute.

My friend, Anthony and I decided to take a group of photo of the guys we were having conversations with, along with one of their other friends in the class! Pictures are below!

Thank you for reading!

( L to R): Classmate (didn’t get name), Anthony’s new friend, Anthony, Tiffanie, and Brandon
Find the bunny ears on someone! 



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